Joni Lyn Avery Hires

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Successful sales consultant with extensive experience selling a variety of products throughout the west Texas market. Highly adept at managing territory, budgets and time, resulting in continued growth and expansion of the market. Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills. Recognized for adapting quickly and easily during periods of change. Exceptional leader and mentor with a strong drive to succeed.


Midland, TX
2011 - 2013

  • Managed all sales activities for a large geographical territory covering most of West TX.
  • Successfully grew the business and met or exceed all product goals each quarter for each of the 4 products sold by utilizing effective time management, territory analysis, presentation skills and relationships.
  • Through time and territory management, realized significant growth in all products in portfolio within 4 months.
  • Using existing relationships and connections, effectively laid the groundwork for the launch of the newest drug in the portfolio.
  • Identifying and focusing on the most important and influential customers, successfully increased the sales of Chantix, Lipitor and Viagra for both third and fourth quarters of 2011. This success continued in 2012, when 2 of the 4 products achieved a top 5 ranking in the region.
  • Through teamwork and careful execution, managed several changes within the company to minimize the disruption of business or impact on the customers resulting in continued sales success and strong relationships.

Midland, TX
2009 - 2010

  • Managed all sales activities of cardiovascular medications for a large geographical territory covering West TX.
  • Selling in a highly competitive cardiovascular market, consistently met and exceeded goals for each quarter.
  • Launched a new drug, Exforge HCT, 2 months after joining the team and led the Operating Unit with a first place finish in 2 separate launch contests, reaching a sales attainment well over 100%.
  • Through an attitude of success and desire to help teammates, during training for this position, was named MVP of the training class consisting of 49 seasoned sales representatives. This award is given to the employee who exhibits the leadership, commitment and teamwork the company values.
  • Successfully grew the market share for Exforge and Exforge HCT and obtained 110.9% of quota for fourth quarter 2009 through effective territory and time management.

Midland, TX
2000 - 2009

  • Managed all sales activities in a large geographical territory marketing a wide variety of drugs to primary care and specialty medical providers.
  • Using a very targeted approach, launched Chantix, a new drug for smoking cessation, reaching #1 in the nation and achieving a 1,635% goal attainment in November 2006.
  • Through extensive re-education of products to providers and hospitals, successfully launched 2 new indications for existing products, leading to the acceptance of the drug as well as the new indications.
  • Consistently and frequently made calls on targeted providers, resulting in a maintained market share above the national average on all products.
  • Received the Regional Performance Fund Award in 2004, 2006, and 2007 due to demonstrated performance and activity that went above and beyond the expected job duties to achieve success.
  • As a result of experience and effectively teaching and communication skills, was utilized as a trainer and mentor for new employees, assisting in their development as sales professionals as well as verifying their product knowledge.
  • In 2003, using a well-planned and focused effort, launched Bextra, a new anti-inflammatory drug used for pain and arthritis to a #1 ranking in the nation for market share in the drug class.
  • Achieved a combined Celebrex and Bextra market share of 73.93% through consistent selling of features and benefits of the products. Remained among the highest in the nation until Bextra was removed from the market.
  • Leading the market, maintained domination with Detrol LA over the competition by consistently and frequently providing the features and benefits of the product and asking for the business.
  • Achieved the highest daily call average in the district with an average of 11.44% through dedication, frequency and consistency.


  • BBA, Management, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX


  • Certified Medical Representative Designation, Certified Medical Representative Institute, 2006


  • Computer proficiency in many applications including PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Excel

Portfolio, References and Transcripts available upon request