Gary HiresGary J. Hires

Gary grew up outside of Fort Worth, Texas where he was actively involved in many extracurricular activities especially those surrounding music.  He was a member of the Haltom High band and choir.  His talent and passion for music led him to pursue a music degree from Texas Christian University.  He graduated from TCU in 1993 and was hired as the assistant music director for Odessa High School.  Gary moved to Odessa and began teaching. 

While he was teaching in Odessa, he was pursued and hired by Memorial Christian Church to be their part time music director.  He accepted the position and began his association with the church as their music director.  This position eventually lead to a full time position as director of music, youth and children.  Gary met his wife, Joni, through his work at the church and to this day, church work is a big part of their lives together.

While music is one of Gary’s passions, his other passion is technology or, more specifically, computers.  Even while pursuing a music degree at TCU, Gary was very involved in working with and learning about computer technology.  In 1999 Gary made a career decision to begin focusing on computer work.  He was hired by Midland County to work in the Information Technology office.  While working for Midland County he gained valuable experience but was also continuing to teach himself the newest technology and programs.  He became an invaluable resource because of his knowledge and expertise with a wide variety of programs and software.  He created and maintained several online tools for Midland County to utilize in an effort to be more accessible and efficient.

In 2003 Gary found himself back in the academic world when he was hired by Midland College where he was able to put his vast computer experience and knowledge to use.  He is currently working in the Continuing Education and Professional Development department where he not only teaches business applications and computer classes but is also responsible for creating, updating and maintaining the website and numerous other online tools for the department.

Even while focusing his energy on computers, his passion for music has never left.  Gary and his wife, Joni, were part of a new church start in Midland where Gary is the part time director of music and media.  It has been the perfect opportunity for him to put both of his passions to use in one place.

Gary also has his own consulting company, Hires Consulting.  Through this venture, he is able to help individuals and companies with their technology and computer needs.  He does everything from creating websites to networking computers, to troubleshooting problems.  He has a large client base who are willing to work around his busy schedule to get his expertise and personal attention.

When Gary isn’t working at one of his jobs, his third passion is traveling.  He and Joni love to travel and have enjoyed the opportunity to do so often.  They especially enjoy traveling with their parents.

Gary will never be one to sit on the sidelines.  He will always be an active participant in the game of life!